An Unfinished Sketchy Piece

Sketchy Practice Web

Here’s a piece I began a couple of years back to practice line-work for a hand-drawn style. At the time I didn’t have a tablet and so this was done with a mouse.  I kept meaning to get back to this to complete it but never seemed to find the time.  I now own an Intuos 5 however and so any future hand-drawn style maps will be done with that.  That said I’ve sort of lost the motivation to finish this.  After all, it really was just a practice piece.

2 thoughts on “An Unfinished Sketchy Piece

  1. If you hadn’t said it was unfinished, I wouldn’t have known, so I think you can safely get away with calling it good there. Also, you are INSANE for doing this with a mouse!

    1. Well the terrain features are done but I had yet to lay down towns, cities, heraldic symbols, a title and a compass rose. Oh, and yes, it was a bit more work with a mouse, but less than you might expect.

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