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2014 Annual One Page Dungeon Contest

Hey everyone, the annual one page dungeon contest is now taking submissions.  If you’ve never heard of this contest then it’s time to crawl out from underneath that rock you’ve been hiding under and check it out!  Since 2009 this contest has drawn together a host of talented artists and writers that have generated some very fine work.  Even better these adventures are made freely available to the public via creative commons licencing.

For the past three years I’ve considered entering the contest, however something or other has always prevented me from doing so.  This year however I’m doing it!  There are a few keyed dungeons in my Thild hexcrawl that I’ll need to create anyway so the timing is perfect.  Plus there look to be some pretty cool prizes this year.  Anyway, stay tuned for my 2014 dungeon map entry and I hope to see some of you entering your own work as well.