Introducing Ars Phantasia Press

Ars Phantasia Logo 2 Small

Well it’s official, I’ve now entered the strange new world of desktop publishing.  I must say, there is quite a learning curve here.  But after many late nights of fiddling around learning Scribus and researching free pdf editing software, I’m finally approaching completion of my first two products.

But first things first, introductions are in order.  My new publishing company is named after this blog, Ars Phantasia Press.  The above image is its logo.  The introductory product line I’ll be releasing is titled Mythic Maps.  This line’s offerings will include a host of different types of hand-drawn maps useful as campaign game aids. My first two products are village maps.  The contents of the products offered under this line will be limited to maps, though at a latter date I may release other lines which include game related content.  These products will go live within the next week, so please stay tuned for details.

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