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Mythic Maps Presents: River Village

River Village Cover Really Small Preview

Ars Phantasia Press is pleased to announce our (heh, my) first product, “River Village“.  This product contains several different high res .jgp images of the hand drawn village map previewed on the cover; a color image with labels, a color image without the labels, and B&W versions of each.  The product also comes with PDFs that contain sliced up versions of each of these maps that can be easily printed at home and assembled into posters.

This being APP’s first product, it has been released as a “pay what you want” sample of the sort of products you can expect from the Mythic Maps Villages line.  Basically it’s free, but if you want to pitch in a bit of funds to help a small start-up publisher I certainly won’t complain.  You can find this and future APP products a DrivethruRPG.

Mythic Maps Emblem 3