Palladium Map Publication


A couple of years ago my friend Victor commissioned me to create this Palladium redux map for his campaign. He mentioned that he wanted to show the map to some people over at Palladium to see if they were interested in publishing the piece. That was the last I heard of this for a while. Then a couple of months back I received an email from Kevin Siembieda, president and co-founder of the RPG, letting me know of their interest in using my piece in an up and coming publication.

Well, here it is. I’ve just received my two complimentary copies of Byzantium and the Northern Islands. My map is published as a B&W interior page spread (which, now that I see it, looks to be in need of higher contrast), and the back page.



Palladium was the very first RPG I ever played and I have a lot of fond memories of roaming the Northern Wilderlands with my wolven characters. It’s rewarding to see one of my pieces in print through Palladium.  I want to thank Victor for promoting my piece so enthusiastically.  Cheers man.

4 thoughts on “Palladium Map Publication

  1. Congratulations! Palladium Fantasy is a great game. I know some might disagree but it got my group to put aside our AD&D campaign and go with Palladium Fantasy for a long stretch; a year or two. I prefer the original black and red cover but either edition will do. Yeah, a poster of that map would be awesome!

    1. Thanks Charlie! I’m thrilled to see this map in print with Palladium. It’s been years since I’ve played it myself but I’d definitely be up for playing in a Palladium campaign again. Nice to here from you again.

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