Hidroth Lea Town Map


To look at the town now it’s hard to imagine the humble beginnings from whence she came. Only a generation ago Hidroth Lea was no more than a wayside stop for herders and the occasional merchant. So little was Hidroth Lea’s import in the northerlands that it did not even show up on any of the maps of Caldoranth. Yet in my lifetime I have witnessed the rebirth of our town! Hidroth Lea is a rising star within Caldoranth, and very soon we shall take our seat along side Endrell and Etobran as one of the most important trade cities within the northern reaches.

—Atherlend Hidroth, Count of Hidroth Lea

Hello everyone. This is a finished version of my entry from last month’s challenge over at the Cartographers Guild. My partner for this challenge was Jaxilon, who commissioned me to do a town map with a river. Since the details were left open I decided to map Hidroth Lea, the town that a campaign I ran several years ago centered around. I was thinking that I may wish to run another campaign based out of this town so the challenge provided me the opportunity to map it.

I probably put over 50 hours into this, and the final layer count was well over 500, which makes this the most involved project I’ve worked on to date. I learned a lot making this map and got to try out some new techniques. It was heaps of fun, and I’m really happy with the result.

Credit where credit is due. I took a lot of inspiration from other artists at the Cartographers Guild. In particular a2area’s Sheinar and Pasis’s J.B. Springs have long been among my favorite maps, and I’ve poured over them many a time. I also took inspiration from some of Max and J. Edwards town/city maps. The technique I used for creating the houses was a variation of Pasis’s method.

Hope you enjoy!


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