The Islands of Mist- In Spanish

I was contacted by Jordi of Tras La Ultima Frontera a couple of weeks ago about the possibility of translating my Isles of Mist hexcrawl adventure into Spanish.  Jordi was in the middle of putting together a rather hefty guide to running sand-box style campaigns for Spanish speakers.

Anyway I was happy to allow him to use the Isles of Mist for his project and have had the opportunity to peruse the completed guide.  My grasp of the Spanish language was never great, and it’s very rusty, but from what l could glean this looks to be a very nice resource.  It’s a 155 pg guide covering a diverse range of topics, among which are how to generate emergent in-game narratives, encouraging player agency, how to create dynamic worlds, best practices for using encounter tables and much more.  In addition, in one of the appendices Jordi has included a useful reference list of other blogs offering a discussion on sandbox style adventure design (I’ll be exploring some of these myself).

If Spanish happens to be your native language and you are interested in sandbox style campaigns, I’d encourage you to check out Jordi’s work.  A direct link to the pdf can be found here.

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