My New Map Website

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Ars Phantasia is dead, long live Iconic Maps!

If you are among the intrepid group of individuals who have followed this site for a while then you will no doubt have noticed that it hasn’t been maintained for some time.  It turns out that fatherhood has a way of monopolizing one’s time and rearranging one’s priorities.  However now that my kids are little older I am returning to blogging and creating content on a part-time basis.

This time around I decided I wanted to integrate ecommerce into my site and to own the domain for it.  Theoretically I might have been able to upgrade Ars Phantasia to a paid account and done this.  However another thing I was hoping to achieve was a simpler and more easily recognizable branding (that and I’m tired of hearing my wife refer to this site as “Arse” Phantasia).  So I’ve gone ahead and created Iconic Maps, a website that will serve as a portfolio for my work, a storefront for my map-packs and a blog for all things map related.  Ars Phantasia will continue to remain online, it just won’t be updated.

If you are interested in receiving updates when new blog posts or products appear I’d encourage you to sign up at the new site (signup is located in the footer of every page).  As a thank you’ll also receive a free map.

A big thanks to everyone who followed and engaged in discussions here.

Cheers, Tad