The Island of Thild

Thild WIP 6 copy

Hi everyone.  Sorry for my absence, it’s been a rather eventful month.  School has started back up, I’ve been working on a commission, I am GMing a new campaign and I found out that I’m going to be a new dad!  As to the new campaign, here is the map that I made for it.

The party has been shipwrecked on the largest of a set of islands.  They have a map (what you see above) that gives a rough sketch of what’s on the island but nothing more.  I’ve made a hex version of this map for myself and will be running this campaign as a hexcrawl. In the weeks to come I’ll say a bit more about hexcrawl design and upload my Thild Island Hexcrawl adventure for anyone interested.  This means that I’l have to put my series on the art of narration on hold for a bit.  But I will come back to it, promise.

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